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Terms and Conditions

1. Scope

The following conditions are the basis of the contract that the organizer concludes with the person making the booking.


2. Registration

Registration and payment for LEOlingo LLC, must be completed and submitted. Full payment is required at the time of registration to reserve the child’s space. Each registration will be confirmed by email. 


3. Withdrawal and Cancellation fees

Cancellation of the registration after receipt of the invoice must be made in writing. The following cancellation costs will arise for later cancellation dates:
- up to 30 days before the camp starts: 20% of the invoice amount
- up to 15 days before the camp starts: 50% of the invoice amount
- all later cancellations: 85% of the invoice amount

However, it is possible to name a suitable replacement participant (regardless of age/gender). Then, there are no cancellation costs.


4. Warranty

If the language camp is not provided in accordance with the contract from the point of view of the participant or a legal guardian, or if there are defects, remedial action can be demanded. Participants or legal guardians should contact our on-site support team and the management immediately. Each participant is obliged to help eliminate any disruptions to performance that may occur. In addition, a reasonable period of time to remedy the situation must be granted. If the organizer does not find out about the defects during the camp period and is not given the opportunity to remedy the situation, this means that the participant cannot assert any claims in the form of a price reduction or compensation for these defects


5. Cancellation by the organizer

A failure of measures can be declared by the organizer. This is primarily the case if the number of participants falls below the minimum or if there are other important reasons. In such cases, the participation fee already paid will be fully refunded. There are no further claims by the participant against the organizer. 


6. Premature termination

If measures are canceled or prematurely terminated due to force majeure (e.g. storm), the full participation fee will be withheld. There are no further claims against the organizer. 


7. Limitation of Liability

The organizer's liability for damage other than bodily harm is limited to three times the participation fee, provided that the organizer or the persons commissioned by the organizer to provide the service on site caused the damage neither intentionally nor through gross negligence. No liability is accepted for the loss of or damage to valuables.


8. Medical Needs/Allergies

If a participant has medical or other needs that the organizer should know and/or take into account (e.g. wasp allergy), the organizer must be informed in detail and in writing at least one week before the start of the camp. LEOlingo LLC is not permitted to administer medication to program participants. In the event of a medical emergency, LEOlingo LLC and accompanying counselors will administer first aid, CPR, and rescue in the best interest of the participant. Parents will be contacted immediately if care is administered. Allergy medications may be administered if directed in writing by the child’s parent/guardian. 


9. COVID-19 Protocols

In alignment with the CDC, LEOlingo LLC will follow State and local guidelines at the current time of camp In the event that masks are required by the CDC during the time of camp, LEOlingo will ensure masks be worn by all staff and campers while indoors (no matter the number of people inside). During activities outside (eating lunch/snacks, breaks, large sports and activities, and water activities) masks are not required. Campers should have multiple masks each day to replace soiled masks. LEOlingo LLC will practice sanitation and cleaning protocols in alignment with CDC guidelines. Participants are welcomed and encouraged to bring a hand sanitizer product of their choosing but must not share with other participants. If a  participant or someone who is direct contact with the  participant becomes ill and is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home until a negative COVID-19 test is received. 


10. What to Expect during LEOlingo Spanish Camp

At LEOlingo, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and comfortable environment where children can experience total language immersion through play. Through this model, our staff are trained to adjust the complexity of their language to suit the needs of every learner at every level. By creating a diverse schedule of activities, campers are able to challenge themselves while maintaining a stress-free place to explore the language. All LEOlingo camp counselors will maintain a Spanish environment throughout the entirety of the program including interactions with guardians before and after camp. During drop-off and pick-up, a designated greeter will be available to answer any questions in English and review the day with parents/guardians. In case of emergency, campers can communicate openly in English with any staff member. Campers will spend five days participating in various types of activities that will all be explained and played in Spanish. Anytime campers are needed to speak Spanish, counselors will guide them completely as to maintain a fun, pressure-free environment. 

11. Hours of Operation & Pick-up Info

LEOlingo Language Camp hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Campers must arrive between 8:45-9:00 a.m. and must be picked between 4:00 - 4:15 pm. Guardians must park their vehicle and walk the participant to check-in with Camp Supervisor on the first day of camp.

12. Day Camp Schedule with LEOlingo

09.00  – 09.15    Morning Circle
09.15 – 10.00     Warm-up Games
10.00 – 10.15     Short Break
10.15 – 11.30     Language Games
11.30 – 12.00     Language Rally
12.00 –   1.00     Lunch Break & Free Time 
1.00   –   2.00     Sports/ Big Outdoor Games
2.00   –   2.15     Short break
2.15   –   3.30     Crafts, Theater and Songs
3.30   –   3.45     Cleaning Up
3.45   –   4.00     Afternoon Circle

13. Personal Belongings

Please put the child’s name on all articles of clothing, snack bags, bags, etc. Children will be responsible for their belongings. Toys, mobile phones, and other items will not be in use during camp hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). 


14. Sunscreen/Repellents

Please apply sunscreen prior to the start of each camp session as we move between indoor and outdoor spaces frequently. Children may bring sunscreen but must be able to reapply with staff supervision. Spray or mist sunscreen is recommended. Sunscreen must be labeled with child’s name. Children may not share these items with others. If your camper requires an insect repellent during the day, the same rules as with sunscreen apply. 


15. Nutrition/Snacks

Children must bring a sack lunch and a drink in a non-glass container each day. There are two short breaks in the day as well as a mid-day lunch break. Campers are welcome to bring snacks for breaks. Snacks should be in a paper, plastic, or reusable bag clearly labeled with the child’s name. Beverages must be clear, or light colored. Brightly colored drinks are prohibited. Snacks must be peanut-free. Please do not send gum or candy. 


16. Water Activities

Swimming clothes are not necessary, though, there will be days when we do games and activities that involve getting wet. Students should bring a spare set of clothes if they feel they will not be comfortable to air-dry or continue the program in wet clothes. Campers are also encouraged to bring shoes that they can run in and get wet in.


17. End of Camp Show

On the Friday of camp week, camp participants will put on a final show at 3:30 p.m. It is expected that participants stay to complete their part in the show. Parents and friends are invited and encouraged to come to enjoy songs, skits, and demonstrations in Spanish from the participants. The show is estimated to conclude around 4:00 p.m. but possibly later. 

18. Disclaimer

Use of the organizer's website is for informational purposes only. The organizer assumes no liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability for damage of any kind caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information is excluded as a matter of principle, provided that there is no evidence of intent or grossly negligent behavior on the part of the organizer. In the case of direct or indirect references to external websites (hyperlinks), the organizer is only liable insofar as he is aware of illegal content and it is technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent the use of illegal content. The organizer declares that at the time the link was set, no illegal content was discernible on the linked pages. The organizer has no influence on the current and future design, the content or the authorship of the linked pages and therefore expressly distances himself from any illegal content presented there. This exclusion of liability (disclaimer) is to be regarded as part of the website from which reference was made to this page. 

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