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About Us

LEOlingo Spokane

Hello, I'm Jasmine! I am a Spokane local with a love and passion for languages, learning through play and celebrating the cultures of the world.

I first worked for LEOlingo North Sprachcamps für Kinder in 2011 as a 19 year old on my first trip to Europe. From there I was hooked and went back for five more summers in the North of Germany.  It has fueled my passion for travel, languages and learning through play. My time working for LEOlingo has shaped who I am today. LEOlingo has given me a platform to express how vital intercultural experiences are at all levels but especially at young ages. 


I am beyond excited to bring this camp to my hometown of Spokane and explore the Spanish language and culture with your campers!

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Sabine Görner and a colleague founded LEOlingo Sprachcamps für Kinder (language camps for kids), in Northern and Southern Germany in 2006. LEOlingo Spokane is only a partner of LEOlingo Northern Germany.

LEOlingo Northern Germany prides itself in employing native speakers from all over the world! Providing a profound experience for both counsellors and campers alike. Through games, theatre, sports, and crafts, campers have a chance to listen, speak and think creatively in a new language. LEOlingo North language camps offers children language immersion and exploration right in their own backyard.

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